Terms & Conditions of Hire

You are advised to read the following as in using our service you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.

Hire Charges  – Goods remain the property of Wash’d Up Crocks at all times.

Hire charge includes a return dirty service and, Wash’d Up Crocks do not charge VAT on any hire items.

Charges are for periods up to 72 hours – longer periods of hire can be agreed at quote.

A deposit dependant on the size of the order will be required at the time of payment to cover lost or damaged items. This will be refunded on return of all hired items once they have been counted & checked by us, Wash’d Up Crocks. Where linen has been hired there will be a delay of at least 10 days in returning any deposit to allow time for the linen to be washed and then checked for any total loss damage.

Bookings & Cancellations

To ensure availability you are advised to book your hire items as early as possible.

If you need to amend your order please advise us as early as possible to ensure we are able to meet your request.

Cancellation charges are as follows.

Orders delivered or collected will be charged in full irrespective of non-use.

Cancellation of order or confirmed booking within 7 days of hire date will be charged the full hire charge.

Cancellation of order or confirmed booking from 8 to 30 days of hire date will be charged 50% of the full hire charge.

Cancellation of order or confirmed booking from 31 to 90 days of hire date will be charged 25% of the full hire charge.

Lost & Damaged Goods

Any items lost or damaged will be charged at the full replacement cost – a list of replacement costs are available on request.

All lost or damaged containers will be charged at the full replacement cost – any containers returned which are excessively soiled may result in an extra charge for cleaning.

Any items including linen hired from Wash’d up Crocks that is damaged on arrival must be reported to us immediately failure to do so will incur the item being charged for at its full replacement value.

Any linen items hired from Wash’d Up Crocks returned with stains that cannot be removed or damaged will be charged to the hirer at full replacement cost.

On return of items our count at our premises as to quality & quantity is final.

During the period of hire, the hirer is solely responsible in ensuring adequate insurance cover/security for hired items.

Wash’d Up Crocks will not be responsible for injury caused to any persons or damage to property by any items whilst, hired to you the customer.

The containers used to deliver the hired items are not suitable for the preparation, transportation or storage of any food items and must not be used for anything else other than the storing and transportation of items hired from Wash’d up Crocks.

Do not – attempt to repair any electrical items that fail – contact us immediately on 07746410401. The electric urns are for boiling water only and must be placed in position before being filled and must not be moved until they have been emptied. Do not allow children to operate these items or be in the vicinity of these items when they are in use.

Delivery & Collection

Wash’d Up Crocks are happy to deliver & collect – a charge will be made dependant on distance. Normal delivery/collection times are between 08:00 and 17:00 – any other times will incur a premium charge agreed at quote.

If a return journey is required to collect items not returned at first collection a second delivery/collection charge may be applied.

Dates & times for delivery/collection will be agreed at the time of booking. The person who placed the order or someone representing the person who made the order must be present at the delivery site when delivery is made in order to check for completion of delivery and, any damaged items otherwise, any deficiencies or damages must be reported to the hirer within 24 hrs of delivery. If the person or the representative is not present at delivery Wash’d Up Crocks will not accept any liability for losses.

Items for return must be available for collection by the agreed date & time & packed/stacked in the appropriate containers as provided on delivery/collection. If items are not ready for collection as agreed, a further collection charge will be applied.

You are welcome to collect & return yourself however a suitable vehicle will be required as many of the items are heavy and bulky. The items hired are the responsibility of you the customer from the time of collection/delivery until they are returned & checked at our premises.

Any items returned that do not belong to Wash’d Up Crocks will be notified to the hirer. Should they not be collected within 21 days Wash’d Up Crocks reserves the right to dispose of them.


Payment shall be made in full at the time of delivery/collection by cash or cheque – cheques made payable to Wash’d Up Crocks or prior to delivery/collection by direct transfer to Sort Code: 09-06-66 – Account Number: 42784773.